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The Beauty of Authenticity Autographed Book

Authenticity is you showing up as your true self, no holding back. It asks that you explore and reveal parts of yourself previously hidden and perhaps ones you didn't even know existed. Living authentically is not for the weak it takes true strength, practice, and devotion and it takes courage.

Discover Many Lessons for Living Authentically & Unapologetically:

  • Love is the great elixir; open your heart and let it flow
  • Belonging and self-acceptance must come from within
  • A traumatized childhood can transform to a beautiful life
  • Learn to trust and have faith that all is well
  • Self-love is the basis for empowerment and joy
  • Rock bottom can be a strong foundation
  • Releasing the past and forgiveness are vital for healing
  • Authenticity means living in alignment with your heart
  • Facing your fears takes courage and it s totally worth it
  • Call on your Angels and Guides who are always with you
  • Freedom is possible when you open your mind and heart

[This is an autographed copy of the book, shipping and handling included to USA and Canada]